Pool Cue Repair Tools

If you're looking for burnishers, glue and other pool cue repair tools, you've come to the right place. PoolDawg.com carries not only an extensive selection of tips but also all the cue tools you'll need for tip repair including complete cue tip repair kits.

Be sure to check out our complete offering of pool cue tips as well as our Ultimate Tip Guide which lists the size and hardness measurements of pretty much every pool cue tip we carry.

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The Pocket Lathe System
Our Price $19.95
Save 20%
9 Inch Tip Sander
Our Price $2.40
Save 19%
4 Inch Tip Sander
Our Price $1.90
Save 7%
5 in 1 TT5TR Cue Tip Repair Tool
Our Price $20.95
Save 16%
Out of stock
Pro 3n1 - Tip Edge Compression Tool
Our Price $21.95
Save 19%
Aluminum Cue Clamp
Our Price $1.75
Save 19%
Pool Cue Repair Kit
Our Price $12.25
Save 18%
Liquid Burnisher (4oz)
Our Price $13.00
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