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A relative newcomer to the pool cue world, 5280 pool cues are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the premier midrange pool cues on the market. Introduced in 2002, 5280 cues represent a new design and thought process not previously seen in the billiards industry.

When you pick up a 5280 cue you will of course notice the stylish and unique designs. Upon further inspection however, you'll find two key features that set 5280 pool cues apart from the rest of the pack:

The 5280 RLT Red Line Tip

All tips are not created equal, especially when you're talking about the 5280 RLT from Tiger. Made from seven individual layers of the finest pigskin, these layers are laminated together and vacuum sealed to produce a tip like none other. With the 5280 RLT, you'll notice:

· Consistency
· Maximum Control
· Durability (3 to 4 times normal tips)
· Greater resistance to mushrooming

In addition, this unique tip features a 3rd Layer Alert System. Once you see the red layer on your tip exposed, you know it's time to change tips for optimum performance. The result is a tip that shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium tip and gives you the control of a soft tip.

5280 is not all about tips and pretty designs though. The other big feature unique to 5280 pool cues is their crown bumper. Unlike the standard bumper, the 5280 crown bumper can take more abuse from more angles, decreasing the potential for split butt caps.

PoolDawg.com is proud to present the complete line of 5280 pool cues.