Ask The Master - If I change from a standard shaft to a Low Deflection Shaft will I have to adjust the way I have been sighting my shots? If so, how much difference will there be and will it be noticeable?

The low-squirt shafts only change your aiming when you use sidespin. So long as you hit the vertical axis on the back of the cueball, the "deflection" characteristics of the shaft are irrelevant.

Since your new shaft squirts less than your original shaft, you do not have to adjust your aim for squirt as much with the new shaft. For example, if you had to aim an inch to the right of your object ball target to hit it where you intended when you hit it with right english with your original shaft, you might only have to aim a half-inch to the right with the low-squirt shaft.

Of course, it's more complicated than that. How far apart are the balls? How much tip offset are you hitting? Are you hitting softly enough that swerve is also a factor?

Bottom line: Stay as close to the vertical axis of the cueball as possible. Minimal sidespin use means more accuracy. Low-squirt shafts give more accuracy when you hit sidespin, but you still have to adjust your aim. To get more depth on this issue, send an email requesting my column called "Squerving About" (or buy my book from PoolDawg).

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