New Years Resolutions (1/3/12)

Posted by : Mike Feiman

Ah, the first week of the new year.  The time when you can wash away all those bad habits and bad ideas from the last 12 months in one fell swoop with the almighty New Year's Resolution

Now there's all sorts of resolutions that can be made, but since we're talking pool and I'm here to try and convince you to buy stuff, we're going with the "play better pool" resolution.  I've got some stuff that may not make you a "world beater", but will probably help you beat your friends (which is all most of us want to do anyway).  And if you don't like my recommendations, our buddy Samm Diep decided to chime in with some of her own too.  So, without further ado, I present you with our first gratuitous sales pitch of the year - Training Tools:


The Action Toxic Training Ball

I thought about pimping the Jim Rempe ball in this email, but sometimes I feel like I mention that thing every other week, so instead I'm going with the Toxic Trainer.

It's got all the English training zones and definitely gets the job done, but what I like most is that it  reminds me of Lloyd Kaufman's 1984 schlocktacular Toxic Avenger flick.



New Break and Run 3 DVD Set

There are training DVDs and then there are Runout Media training DVDs.  From the same guys that created the supremely awesome Mastering Pool series, we are just pleased as punch to bring you the new Break and Run 3 DVD Set. 

If learning about 8 ball, 9 ball and 10 ball from guys like Earl Strickland, Darren Appleton, Alex Pagulayan and Rodney Morris sounds good, you've got to check out this series.  We even included a trailer (on the product page) so you can see what you're in for.  We're still waiting to get our first batch in, so this is sort of a "pre-order" type of situation.


Practice Pro Pocket Reducers

One of the best ways to improve your aim is to make your target smaller.  That way when you play on a standard tournament table, it will feel like you're shooting into buckets.

The best way to do this is to add shims and tighten your pockets, but that is a bit of a permanent solution.  If you just want to temporarily tighten your pockets, this is the solution.



Play Your Best Pool by Phil Capelle

Over the years, I've seen a lot of training books come and go.  Some have been good, some not so much, but the one constant that you can always count on is Phil Capelle and his Play Your Best Pool book is still one of the best all around training books that money can buy.  

What you get for the low, low price of just $24.95 is over 400 pages with hundreds of illustrations from one of the best teachers in the business.  The book starts with the basics and goes through some advanced tactics for both 8 ball and 9 ball.


Samm Diep - Training Tools for Champs


With every new year comes new resolutions. If "become a better pool player" is one of the items on your list then here are a few of my favorite training aids that will help with your endeavor. These seven savvy tools are staples in my personal pool library and teaching bag... Keep Reading 

(editor's note: yes, we do sell almost all of Samm's favorite tools, but we had no part in the selection process for this article.  Great minds just think alike.)