It’s time to work on our draw stroke!  Using back spin, or low English, can be a very useful tool when playing position, but we need to learn how to harness this skill. We are going to do a few practice drills that will improve your control when drawing the cue ball. Remember when you are trying to draw the ball you need to stay down on the shot, use a smooth level stroke and follow through!

Back Spin Pocket Drill
Figure A

In Figure A, you will see our first drill. This drill is relatively easy after a few tries. But it will teach you how to control those short draw shots that come up in almost every game. Start by lining up the balls in a semi-circle near the side pocket.  Place your cue ball as shown and try to pocket each ball in the side pocket, using backspin to play position on the next ball in line. A really good way to practice is to shoot them in starting from one side, then set them up again and do it in reverse. You can also add more balls the circle as you advance.

Back Spin Double Pocket Drill
Figure B

Figure B has a practice drill that is a little more difficult. In this drill you start by putting an object ball about an inch off the rail as shown. The cue ball starts about an inch off the rail as shown.  The goal is to pocket the ball and draw the cue ball back to the end rail.  If this drill seems too easy, start to move the two balls farther apart ( I like to use the diamonds as reference points for placing the two balls).  The toughest version of this shot is when you have the two balls as far apart as possible, this shot requires very solid fundamentals.

Back Spin Circle Drill
Figure C

Figure C is definitely for the big boys, but don’t be afraid to give it try, you might surprise yourself!

Start by setting up the balls as shown. You must start with the cue ball in the middle of the group.  Shoot the balls in numerical order. Each time drawing the cue ball back to center of the circle so you can be straight in on the next shot.  If shooting the balls in numerical order is too difficult, try stepping it down a notch and just shoot the balls in any order you choose. Once you have mastered that try graduating yourself back to shooting them in numerical order.

We all like to draw the ball, but let’s do it with more control and accuracy.  Using these drills you will succeed in your goals.  Keep your head down, smooth level stroke and follow through to victory.

Mikey V