Hi. I'm professional pool player Jennifer Barretta. I'm going to show you how to use some of the great tools that you see here on PoolDawg.com.

If you're looking for a high-quality tip tool, then you need to check out the It's George. The main functions of this tool are tapping and shaping. The thing that I love about this tool is that it's solid metal. None of the pads will ever wear out and it's indestructible. The large pad is for scuffing the tip. If your tip's feeling a little bit smooth and not holding the chalk well, you can just lightly rub the scuffer over the top of the tip just to rough up the leather so that it will hold the chalk better. Set into the scuffer is a shaper, which has a dime-sized radius.

If you don't know what a dime-sized radius is, it's basically if you look at the side of a dime, it makes it the roundness, like that. The way you can check it is that it has these two grooves in the side; one is for a bigger tip and one is for a smaller tip. You could just check here and see there's a little bit of space in there. If you want it to be a dime size you have to shape the tip a little bit more. For shaping, this little circle inside the pad, you can turn the cue either by standing it like this and just turn the cue around in the shaper, or you can put the shaper on the floor between your feet and just slowly drill the cue into the shaper.

When you turn the tool over, you'll see a little pad that has bumps on it. These little bumps are a tip tapper. It's shaped like a paddle. You can just use the tip tapper lightly to tap around the edge of the tip. This will also create little dents that will help you hold the chalk. Don't do it too hard, though, because it will flatten the shape of your tip.

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