Looking for the latest in pool cues and billiard accessories? Well look no further! Here at PoolDawg we're constantly adding new products to our offering of over 3,000 pool cues, pool cue cases, billiard supplies and game room accessories.  Check out our newest arrivals and be sure to check out our entire selection of pool cues:

Lava Chalk - Blue (Box of 2 Cubes)

You demanded it, so they made it. The popular Lava performance chalk is now available in traditional blue. If you're not familiar with Lava chalk, here's the scoop:

Lava rocks are created from lava that flows at crazy high temperatures
These temperatures create viscosity
Viscosity equals friction
Friction is what keeps chalk on your tip (and as a result, reduces miscues)

The blue color is perfect for green or blue cloth. If you have red or burgundy cloth, check out the original rust colored Lava chalk .



OB Cues Rift Break Cue with Speed Shaft

OB Cues OBRRS RIFT Break Cue comes with a rubber grip and standard with the speed shaft. The speed shaft is a 13.25mm Phenolic tip and a white linen ferrule.


Athena Pink Zebra 3 Butt 5 Shaft Hard Case

Why would anyone buy a generic black case when they can have something as uniquely awesome as the Athena Pink Zebra. This case easily holds 3 butts and 5 shafts and features some of the best design work we've ever seen on an Athena cue or case.

The format of this case is "3 in the front, 5 in the back" with a spring loaded design that makes getting your cues out a piece of cake. The construction on this case is extremely solid, so you know it will protect your pool cue investment. In addition, there's plenty of space in the two pockets to carry around all your accessories and the larger pocket also features storage for your jumper butt.



Katana KAT08 Pool Cue

Great Googly Moogly! We've seen some impressive wood in the pool cues we sell, but the olivewood featured in the KAT08 is just crazy beautiful! If you're looking for a pool cue that looks as good as it plays, you can stop searching right now, because the KAT08 is the bee's knees baby!

The wood is just part of the story with this pool cue. The KAT08 also includes the popular Katana low deflection shaft, a pressed solid black Irish linen wrap and the unique 12.5mm Katana Tip by Tiger.


Action ACTSP09 Pool Cue

Sneaky Pete cues have a long history, however this is the first I have seen of a Pink Sneaky Pete cue. The hot pink points make it unique but simple. If pink is one of your favorites then its time to trick your opponents and take home the win. Comes wiht a Layered Boarskin tip and a 1" Fiber Ferrule!


PoolDawg Tailgate Hoodie

With the number of Packer and Bronco fans we keep here at PoolDawg's Worldwide Headquarters, let's just say that this group knows how to tailgate. Now I don't know about you guys, but for me the biggest tailgating challenge has always been trying to hold your plate and your beer at the same time while trying to eat. If you don't have three hands, it can be a daunting task. And that's why we created the PoolDawg Tailgate Hoodie!

In addition to the built in neoprene beverage holder and attached metal bottle opener, this hoodie is made with a soft, heavyweight 9 oz cotton/poly blend.  It features flatlock stictching throughout and even has dyed to match drawcords.  How strong is that???


Eight Ball Mafia 1 Butt 1 Shaft Black Soft Case

The Eight Ball Mafia soft case holds one butt and one shaft. This black case with white grunge art will also hold all of the accessories that you will need in its 16 inch zippered pocket.



Samsara Break Jump Pool Cue Tip (Single)

For years Samsara has been searching for a leather tip that is hard enough to break and jump with and not cause damage to the cue ball, but still have the grip necessary to control the cue ball. It became apparent that there was no such tip on the market. After months of trial and error and extensive testing, Samsara finally achieved success. The result is a 9 layer leather Samsara Jump/Break tip that is legal in most formats. Density Score: 95.5


Cue It Up 2 Pool Cue Holder

The Cue It Up clip on pool cue holder easily clips on to most tables and holds up to 2 cues and a cue ball. These cue holders are available in Blue, Black and Pink. Fits in most cases or easily clips to the strap of your case to save you valuable pocket space