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Hi there. This is Charlie Bryant and I'd like to welcome you to my pool room.

Why! Has this ever happened to you? I guess it's time for the tip of the month.

Well, anybody that knows me, knows I'm all about systems. You know I got tired of scratching like that and not really knowing what is going to happen after I shoot a ball that's close to the rail in front of me. So I set myself some parameters to have myself a system of how to do this and figure out exactly what's going to happen. Now I would like to explain to you what I mean by the Three Diamond Rule and tell you what this setup means. Okay?

So from this angle, which where the cue ball is coming from the pocket, to the cue ball down there that's touching the one or greater, okay? What I mean by "greater" is a greater angle. Now I'm going to explain the setup and I'll go into a little bit more detail for you.

So I'm going to come down here. I'm going to move this cue ball straight across the table and make this a ghost ball over here. So I'm going to place my tip next to the one at the ghost ball that would be next to the object ball. When I come up one diamond, here's the one ball. I come up two diamonds, here's the two ball. When I come up three diamonds, this is the three ball. This is generally the best that you can do when trying to draw the ball up the table.

Okay Now that I have explained the setup here, let's go through the mechanics of the shot. We are going to be using low right-hand English or low outside, and if we hit the ball correctly with a soft to a soft-medium snap, we will come between two and a half to three and a half diamonds. If you get to three and a half diamonds, you hit the ball really, really good. If you hit the ball too hard, you're going to come at a diamond and three-quarters to two and a quarter.

So now let's shoot the shot. That was perfect. Now these are the different examples of what you can and what you can't do. The parameters are, again, from a diamond and three-quarters to three and a half. If you hit it too hard, you're going to come at a diamond and three-quarters to two and a quarter. If you hit the ball really good, you're going to come between two and a half to three and a half.

That was three and a half.

I'd like to thank you for tuning in, and I sure hope this helps you. Choo! Choo! The Hillbilly Express is coming to you. This is your tip of the month.

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