Ask The Master - Is there such a thing as a "true angle" or "no-miss" bank shot?

Not really. You can miss anything. Theory and practice are different animals.

Maybe because of the prevalence of banking systems, diamond systems, banking apps, and banking diagrams, players come to believe there must be these unmissable banks. Like most everything in pool, there are more variables than meet the eye. Angle of approach to the cushion is the most obvious, but not the only factor. Next most important is ball speed into the cushion. Is the ball rolling or skidding? Then we have effects of spin, ball friction level, condition of rubber, condition of rail cloth, and humidity. Yes, some of these are minor factors, but they are all real.

So even if you know the theoretically correct angle for a bank, it's not true at every speed. The various systems can help you get close, but banking is ART. To get a good start on improving your banking, send me an email and ask for my article on "Bank Robbery."