Black Heart Pool Cue Tip (Single)

Black Heart Pool Cue Tip (Single)

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Looking for the latest in pool cue tip technology? You've gotta check out Black Heart Tips. What's the difference between these and the rest of the cue tips on the market? Production. Every Black Heart layered leather tip is produced with the Indoor Humidity Defense System, essentially removing environmental playing conditions as a variable when you play.

Black Heart Tips come in the soft, medium or hard varieties. The quality and consistency of these pool cue tip replacements will blow your mind. Figuratively, not literally. Literally blowing one's mind would be quite messy and would be highly problematic for repeat business.


Size: 14mm Leather
Hardness: Soft, Medium, Hard
Hardness Score: 68.8-Soft, 76.6-Medium and 88.2-Hard
Tips per Box: 1
Materials: 10 Layered Boarskin
Color: Black