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Back To NYC With Gail Glazebrook

Category: Frank T. Dawg

After passing Frank from one Rack Star to the next, I finally got some quality one on one time with the guy. First things first, Frank needed my little K-Dawg’s approval. Frank arrived and my dog Kayci went bananas!! She whined at him, cried for him, knocked him over then, licked him all over (and I do mean ALL over!) and then lay beside him just staring. I think it’s love. After he was approved by the queen of the house, Frank, Tony and I had work to do. It was off to the Predator Tour for the Season Opener at Steinway Billiards. The Predator Pro/Am Tour was started by Tony Robles, William Finnegan and I in 2008 and it’s one of the main tours in the Northeast. With over 100 players at the opening event, Frank met all the real New York pool players that day. Since I was playing in the event I gave Frank a VERY important job to do; watch the boys and make sure they stay on top of the tournament. Finnegan had his TD work pants on for sure but Tony, hmmm … he was TOTALLY sleeping on the job!! The tourney was a good one for me. I hadn’t played in over 2 months because of a torn rotator cuff but after a tough love talk from Frank I sucked it up and fought hard in the tournament to come in the top 24. Not bad considering my hiatus. Frank said I should have done better. He’s TOUGH! He was a big hit at the tournament with many people asking for his pawtograph and a pic with T. Dawg himself. We enjoyed having Frank and hope he comes to visit the tour again! Later that week we had more NY pool work to do! Frank came to watch our National Amateur Pool League (NAPL) Awards Ceremony at Cue Bar in Queens NY! Tony even let Frank drive a little in Manhattan! At Cue Bar, Frank was REALLY surprised at how nice our awards are. In the NAPL, we try to do everything FIRST CLASS. Members of our league have access to an extremely detail database program with stat analysis, record keeping, score sheet printouts, standings, a PayPal payment option and more. Plus we are a cash based league so when you win, you get to decide how you spend the money. And best of all, we just sanctioned with the BCAPL so starting this summer, players in our league will qualify to play in the BCAPL Nationals Tournament in Las Vegas!

Later that week, Frank watched over our NAPL Semi-Finals Match at the Amsterdam Billiard Club where David Padilla’s Team “D’s Nuts” clinched the victory to move into the Finals!! Frank was the referee for the evening’s match. He later told Kayci he liked the power! And of course, Frank continued to be a hot commodity! Everyone wanted a picture with him. Here he is pictured with NAPL player Lionel Swanston!

FINALLY, we stopped working Frank to death and took him out in our neighborhood. Boy was he happy to see we live in Times Square!! All the bright lights, people, tourists, cabs and TONS of other dogs all over the place. Turns out he is in a pool hall A LOT and this was a nice change of scenery for this indoor pooch. Unfortunately my time with Frank had to come to an end. As a CPA, this time of year is all work and little time to play. So with a heavy heart, I had to send him off with Emily.  

I had a great time with Frank and hope he comes to visit again real soon. Kayci is waiting for the proposal. I told her not to hold her breath. Frank ain’t the kind to settle down with just one beautiful girl.