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Frank and Emily Duddy Hit the Road

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I've got to say, I'm loving the fact that I get to spend 2012 on the road with the Rack Starz. My latest adventure was with Emily Duddy. Since she's much better at the whole typing and writing thing than I am, I'm going to let Emily take the wheel on this post: FRANK AND RACKSTAR EMILY DUDDY TAKE OVER WILLOW BILLARDS, THE WPBA MASTERS, AND SOARING EAGLE CASINO! After I picked up Frank from Amsterdam Billiards in NYC, together we hopped on a bus, headed through the Lincoln Tunnel and into Hoboken, NJ. The driver almost didn’t let us on, stating there were no dogs allowed! Once I explained that Frank and I were famous in the pool world he quickly changed his mind and our adventures began… We arrived at Willow Billiards for a long night of competition. I Captain a Double Jeopardy APA Team called “The Animals”, so of course Frank became an honorary member and our mascot for the night. We played our 5 matches of 9-ball and 5 matches of 8-ball and overall won the night in both. Everyone felt Frank brought us luck and were excited that he joined us. (photo from left to right: Dan Campos, Gary Barsky (owner), Frank, Emily Duddy, Nelson Hernandez, Dan Colby) The next morning Frank and I headed to Newark International Airport, flying to Lansing, Mi to hit the WPBA’s, Women’s Professional Billiard Association, first event of the year “The Masters”. You should have seen how many women Frank picked up at the airport! From the lady checking me in at the United counter, two women in security and of course our three stewardesses. I mean I knew Frank had a reputation in the pool world, but did not know of his natural charm. He was the perfect sidekick and enabled me to talk to a bunch of random strangers about who he was, promote his company POOLDAWG and enlighten many about Women’s Professional Pool. (Frank and I about to take off in Newark)

After getting settled at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, MI, Frank and I made our way to the players meeting and WPBA Pro-Am. Look who we practiced with for a bit, that just had to take the photo opp. None other than the little Devil Girl herself! After the player’s meeting, catching up with all the girls, and hitting some balls, Frank and I headed back to the room and got a good night’s sleep to be ready for a day of matches. In the morning we got up and had a solid breakfast of oatmeal, grapefruit and green tea and hit the gym. When I’m on the road for events I make sure to eat healthy every meal and get light cardio and light weights in every morning. When you feel your best, you play your best. Frank decided to opt out of the workout feeling a bit run down from flying, but he agreed to be my spotter! A ladies man and a gentleman! Now it was back to the room to get dressed up for my matches. I like to keep my look sexy, classy and professional. Frank helped me choose these 2 outfits for my 2 days of play.   After all was said and done I finished 24th-32nd in the tournament. Although it was a lower place finish than I’ve had the last few events, overall I played well and learned from my experience. This is my 3rd year on the Professional Tour and it was helpful with Frank by my side. He’s been on the road with different Pro’s before, and reminded me that my results don’t matter as much as the process and growing as a player. He was also there next to me during the highlight of my tournament, beating top player Kyoko Sone 9-8, after being behind 8-6. It took me digging deep, but I never gave up and played great at the end to earn it. A great comeback is one of my favorite accomplishments. Once out of the tournament it was time to relax. First we grabbed dinner with the some of the girls at a restaurant in the casino.

(left to right: Frank, Emily Duddy, Liz Ford, and Joanne Ashton)

Then Frank decided to make a move when he saw a very sexy lady making her way through the bar, I gave my support and he ended up with a glass of wine and a big kiss from “The Black Widow”!  

(Frank and Jeanette Lee)

One of my favorite aspects of playing in WPBA events is watching the great matches continue once you’re knocked out. It’s bittersweet, but with that much good action to sweat who can complain! We headed back to the arena and watched Ewa Laurance beat Jasmine Ouschan to get on ESPN. Ewa would eventually go on to win the event! Congratulations Ewa and great shooting! Now with a little downtime and a little money burning a hole in my pocket, Frank and I hit the craps and blackjack tables with a group of about 10 players, fans and WPBA employees. Unfortunately we tried to convince the pit boss for a photo while we were playing, but if you know anything about casinos, you know the rules about photos being taken anywhere near gambling. We might try to rob the casino! Haha I wish it were that easy. So the next best thing was Frank and I next to bunch of fake cards after the casino took our money! So after losing a little, a lot of laughs, having a few cocktails, and catching up with the bad ass chicks on the WPBA, Frank and I headed back to the room around 3am to get a few hours of shut eye and then catch the 6am shuttle to the airport. This time we slept the whole way through. The next afternoon we had to go our separate ways, as I passed Frank on to the next Rack Star. I’ll never forget the blast I had on the road with Frank and I’m sure all the ladies he made eyes at won’t either. One day we’ll make some new adventures, but until then I’ll follow his blog and check out the trouble he’s getting into with everyone else. Thank you PoolDawg for the opportunity to chill with Frank and the chance to promote Women’s Pool in such a cool way!