Mar 10, 2015 by Mike Feiman 0 Comment(s)

Is Pool Making A Comeback?


In my last post, I mentioned that I've been seeing pool "in the wild" quite a bit as of late.  So the question then is whether or not pool is making a comeback in the eyes of the mainstream.  Case in point - the new H&M campaign that is making the rounds on all the major shows in the 18-30 demographic.  Check this out:


What you're seeing is David Beckham playing pool in a long format commercial for H&M clothes.  What you're also seeing is a commercial where pool is the center of attention.  A commercial that was directed by a serious Hollywood A-Lister in Marc Forster.  

If the name Marc Forster doesn't sound familiar, let me throw some movie titles at you.  World War Z.  Monster's Ball.  Quantum of Solace.  Dude is a serious heavy hitter and what does he choose to feature in his commercial?  A game of pool.  

I'm not going to nitpick about bad shots, awkward bridges and gratuitous shots of David Beckham bending over.  Instead, I'm just going to be completely pumped that pool is being shown on primetime during some of the biggest shows on TV and that it is being shown in a positive light.