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Mosconi Cup Madness

Category: Frank T. Dawg

Being the official mascot of PoolDawg does have its perks.  Every now and again, I get in to places I really have no business being at.  This year's Mosconi Cup was a prime example.  First, I managed to get on the players table to hang out and watch the matches.  I spent the entire second day of the event watching Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening, Shawn Putnam, Mike Dechaine and Rodney Morris go toe to toe with the Euros.

Day one was pretty rough, with the US team digging itself into a 1-4 hole.  The second day, the US pulled even to 4-4 before dropping the last two matches to close the day 4-6.  Then in the final day, the Euro team finished off the US team, closing out with an 11-7 victory. Even though I was sitting in the corner for the US team, the European team still let me check out the cup after their victory.

After it was all said and done, I spent a little more time with Team USA before getting on a plane and heading back to Colorado.

I tell you, all the guys on both teams were completely awesome to hang out with.  This event was unlike anything I've ever seen in pool.  The crowd was on fire, the players were into it and I had an absolute blast. Ok, I'm off to Verona, NY to hang out with Jennifer Barretta at Turning Stone.  For the rest of the pictures, be sure to check out our Facebook page or our Flickr Photostream.  Frank T. Dawg Out.