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PoolDawg Photo Shoot at the Outback Saloon

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Last night was so very awesome.  We're in the process of building our catalog, but this year we wanted to add a human element to it.  That was one of the reasons why we hosted an event at Felt Billiards a few months ago and that's why we were down at Boulder's awesomely awesome Outback Saloon last night.  If you want to play pool in Boulder, the Outback is the place to be, so we decided it would be the perfect place to do a photo shoot.  Fortunately for us, we're lucky enough to have not one but two extremely talented designers who also happen to be great photographers.  I must say, it is quite an experience to watch great photographers and models working together.  Check out Aaron getting down for a shot of Bobby and Kayla in action:



Just like pool though, photo shoots can't be all work (or at the very least they shouldn't feel like work).  We were fortunate enough to find four different models with different levels of pool playing experience, so we got a nice mix of posing, playing and even some socializing.  We got stunning pictures like this one of Chrissy posing with an INK06 cue:



Since we are who we are, we're not going to go to bar without having a good time. So we got a couple pitchers of some delicious Avery IPA, bellied up to the bar and spent some time after getting to know each other.  Unlike the other pictures, this one was taken by me, hence the complete lack of focus (and the fact that our photographer is in the picture taking a picture).