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PoolDawg’s July Updates

Category: PoolDawg Site Updates

There seems to be a new trend on the interwebs nowadays where companies talk about the tweaks and updates they've made to their site, giving them codenames to show how important the changes are.  For the really, really important ones that are continually updated, they get a funny name as well as a number.  I'm not one to ignore trends regardless of how asinine awesome they may seem to be (and I'm always looking for something to write for our too often ignored blogs), so here is the first of many PoolDawg updates. Brand Price Sort (Codename Why Don't We Have This?): This update was built in order to make it easier to find products when browsing by brand.  Customers can now add a "high to low" or "low to high" sort on every brand. Category Price Sort (Codename Same As The Other Thing): Same concepts as the brand price sort.  This allows customers to do an A to Z or Z to A price sort when browsing by category and sub-category. Improved Search Results (Codename Make Search Suck Less): Made some improvements to our search tool, giving customers more accurate results when searching for products. Removed Browse by Price Navigation (Codename No One Shops That Way): Dropped the navigation option to browse by price as it became redundant with the new price sorting functionality. In addition to the new functionality, we also added some new products (Codename Motherload 1.0):