PoolDawg Team

If you've ever called us here at PoolDawg, chances are you've talked to Mike, Keven, Megan, Alexis or Mariya. Since you took the time to call us and stopped by the site we figured we'd take the time to introduce ourselves. Before we get to the introductions though, we wanted to share a few facts about PoolDawg with you (you can also click here for our customer service and shipping details).

  • Employees at PoolDawg actually play pool!
  • We've been around for a pretty long time (we started back in 2003).
  • PoolDawg Billiards Specialists are here in Colorado to not only take orders but also answer any questions you have. When you call PoolDawg, you'll be talking to a PoolDawg employee, not an outsourced call center.
  • Our goal is to get your order to you as soon as possible. If your order for an in stock item is placed before 1PM MST, we'll ship it out that same day.
  • We take the time to check your pool cue for straightness before it ships out. If on the off chance you do get a product that doesn't meet your satisfaction, just call us and we'll get it taken care of.
  • We have the best mascot in the billiards industry.

But the most important fact of all... everyone at PoolDawg loves to have fun. We love the sport of pool, we love going to amateur and pro events to meet our customers and we love to make our customers happy.  Here are the folks you're doing business with:

The Human PoolDawg Crew

Mike - Head Dawg Wrangler

Keven - Operations/Product Guy  

Pam - Graphic Design

Cleveland - Customer Service


Megan - Customer Service Diva

In addition to our humans, PoolDawg is also the home of a few very lovable pooches (both ceramic and real).  While you'll likely never get to meet the live ones (they don't tend to travel well), our trusty mascot Frank T. Dawg is always showing up at trade shows and billiards events.

The Non-Human PoolDawg Crew

Oscar - Mike's Dawg

Frank T. Dawg - The Big Dawg