Ask The Master - “I have an 8 ft table at home. I play on it 3 times a week. I play twice a week on a 7 ft bar table. Is there any difference in banking or kicking are the angles really the same just longer on the 8ft table?

All tables bank & kick the same, in theory. They all have a 2-to-1 length to width ratio, same number of diamonds, etc.

In practice, they differ a bit due to different cushion quality, profile, and integrity. Cloth type and condition also makes some difference, as does ball friction (how sticky are the balls). Some table brands are known for banking short (for example, Diamonds and Gandy's bank short, while Brunswicks typically are neutral).

Also, if you're playing on a barbox, your cueball is likely to be oversized. That large cueball will touch the cushion a little lower on the ball than appropriate, so on kicks the CB might hop or otherwise not behave exactly as an object ball would. You might consider using the same cueball on both tables, so you don't have to adjust. To learn more about the differences that come into play with the oversize cueball, send me an email and request a copy of my article "Big Balls."

On a larger table, the balls may travel farther on a given shot. Speed and spin change as the shot unfolds, so to hit a farther-away cushion with a certain speed and spin may require a different hit on the cueball.

Since the pockets are more or less the same size across tables, on a smaller table, you have a higher percentage of hole-in-the-rail, so in addition to the shorter shot distances, you have a little less cushion. I'd suggest this as part of why we see more scratches on the small tables.

One more thought: Breaking is not the same on different size tables. The balls take up the same space, but the playing surface can be larger or smaller. The angles and distances from the rack to the pockets are different, so a break that works on one size table may not work on another.