Ask The Master - What is the best way to stop twisting my wrist when I stroke the cue?

Many players twist their wrist because their upper body is in the way of their follow through. Players with large upper bodies or players whose chin is way down near the stick tend to develop this problem. Twisting the wrist allows them to keep the stick on its line. Pretty hard to do this extra move with consistency and accuracy. Better to fix the core problem – body alignment.

If you are a "chin dragger," try raising your head a few inches higher above the stick. If you insist on keeping your head low, try swinging your hips around more toward the stick.

If you have a large torso, try opening your stance (face your feet & body more directly toward the shot). This will give you a lot more clearance to swing without your body being in the way.

Most twisters can't catch themselves doing it. I put a standard wrist brace on them (about $25 at any pharmacy) for stroke practice. The idea here is not to force the wrist to stay soft and loose. The idea is to help you feel when and how you are twisting, and to give you similar feedback about when your twist is receding. Another idea is to practice your swing with a small dumbbell (maybe 3-5 pounds). The fatiguing of your muscles will show you how you're doing the twisting.