When it comes to testing snooker cues for warping, the process is a bit different than the process used for rolling pool cues. When checking a pool cue, you simply lay the cue on the table, slowly roll it and watch the tip for "flopping". Because of how snooker cues are constructed, this process simply does not work. Snooker cues feature a chamfer (the flat portion of the butt), which makes it impossible to "roll" the cue in the traditional manner.

To solve this problem, we checked with Riley Snooker Cues who had the following suggestions on checking snooker cues for warping:

"The correct way to sight the straightness of a snooker cue is to hold the cue at the butt end and look down the length of the cue with one eye - like when you would shoot a rifle, then turn the butt of the cue 360 degrees while continuing to sight down the cue, you will then be able to tell if the cue is straight or not."

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