How To Draw The Cue Ball

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You start with a number 2 pencil and then…just kidding!

One of the great joys for a new pool player is making the cue ball draw back from the object ball. Over the years I have seen countless beginner’s jump for joy when they finally learn how to do this.

The neat part is that learning how to draw the cue ball back is really easy. Learning how to control the draw is another whole story. For now, let’s learn how to make the cue ball come back from the object ball.

First we need a rather straight in shot. With this shot, all the forward force in the cue ball is absorbed by the object ball, leaving only the rotational force in the cue ball. This backwards rotational force and friction with the cloth causes the cue ball to draw back.

Three things happen over time to the cue ball when we hit below center on the vertical axis. First the cue ball starts moving with back spin. As the back spin wears off, the cue ball starts to slide. Finally, as the slide wears off, the cue ball starts to roll.

To make the cue ball draw back, we need to hit below the equator and make sure we hit the cue ball hard enough so that it is backspinning when it hits the object ball.

Here is how to make sure we always hit the cue ball below the equator. We make what I call the draw bridge. We make this bridge by making a fist and putting our bridge hand flat on the table.

How to Draw the Cue Ball

Then we loop our index finger over the cue stick as shown in this diagram. Make sure you have chalked the edges of your stick and you will be ready to go.

Put your tip on the cloth and slide up to the cue ball with your bridge hand about 10 inches from the cue ball.

Now all you do is aim your shot and make sure that you shoot the shot crisply. You want to make sure the cue ball has back spin when it hits the object ball. I like to have the first few shots a little off straight in so you don’t have to worry about your tip hitting the cue ball when it comes shooting back.

When you first start out, shoot simple shots so that you get the hang of drawing the cue ball back. Once you have this down, you can start experimenting and learning how to control how far back the cue ball comes.

Below is a brief clip on how to form the draw bridge and shoot a draw shot.