Want to learn the proper way to hold your pool cue?  When it comes to playing great pool, it starts with the basics and the most basic aspect of the game is the grip. Yes, this is basic, but in many ways it reminds me of what legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden would do on the first day of practice with his players.  The first drill from Coach Wooden wasn't passing, shooting or rebounding.  It was showing his players the proper way to tie their shoes.  

Every year, the players would come in for their first practice and be told "Please take off your shoes and socks.  I'm going to show you the proper way to put them back on".  His feeling was that you couldn't be a great player if you didn't have a solid foundation for the basics.  In the same way, you can't become a great pool player without a proper grip.

So, without further delay, "The Black Widow" Jeanette Lee and our friends at the American Poolplayers Association (APA) are going to show you the right way to hold your pool cue.