(Audio Transcript)
Hi. I'm professional pool player Jennifer Barretta. I'm going to show you how to use some of the great tools that you see here on PoolDawg.com.

This is the Cue Cube. One of the things that I like about this tool is that it is solid metal; the sandpaper on the inside never wears out. There's a shallow side for scuffing the tip. This is good for if your tip is getting a little shiny and it's not taking the chalk well. You can just turn the tip inside the scuffer. Very lightly press; you don't want to ruin the leather. You just raise it up little bit make it porous so that the chalk will take well.

The other side is a nickel-sized shaper. If you don't know what nickel-size mean, it just means if you look of the side of the nickel and you compare to your tip, that's the shape that you have.

Two ways you can use this are you can just turn the cue into the shaper, hold it off to the side so that it gets all the way around the side. The more simple method to me is put the shaper between your feet, turn the cue over, and you can just drill the cue into the shaper to make the tip the desired shape. That looks like a pretty good nickel to me.

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