This clever little invention is the Tip Master tip tool. It can care for your tip from top to bottom. One of the first things that you can do with this tool is to shape the tip. On either side of it, it has a nickel and a dime-sized radius shaper. That means that one side will make your tip like the side of a nickel, the other side will make your tip like the side of a dime, if you like to impart more spin. Both of the pads are made of sandpaper and they will need to be replaced at some point, but replacements are available.

If you unscrew one side of it, you'll find a porcupine. You can just roll that along the tip, and that will aerate it and let the chalk sink in more deeply so that you won't miscue. If you unscrew the other side, you'll find a burnisher. Just slide it over your tip, push down gently, and turn the tip inside the burnisher. This will seal the edge of your tip and remove any mushroom.

Another function of this tool is that it has a scuffer on one end and a tapper on the other. If you'd like to scuff it, you can just roll the tip inside the scuffer and it will rough it up a little bit for you. If you want to create little pores, you can tap it with this side very lightly around the edge to help it hold more chalk. Don't tap too hard because it could change the shape of your tip. To use the shaper on the Tip Master tool, you choose which side you want, nickel or dime radius, put the shaper on top of the tip, and just lightly turn the shaft inside the shaper until you reach the desired radius.

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