Hi. I'm professional pool player Jennifer Barretta. I'm going to show you how to use some of the great tools that you see here on Pooldawg.com.

This is the Ultimate Tip Tool; it's probably the most comprehensive tool out there because it's 5-in-1. Also, it's in this tiny, little package. One of the first things that this tool does is it shapes the side of the tip and can remove mushrooms. Mushrooming is when the tip comes out past the ferrule from a lot of use. It compresses the tip and it starts to stick out on the sides. It has this nice little ridge here that the cue fits in, and sandpaper here that's recessed a tiny bit so that it won't scuff your ferrule. All you have to do is put the cue in the groove and you can just slowly move the tool up and down the side of the tip. It won't harm your ferrule but it'll take the mushroom off the side.

The other function of this tool is that it's a burnisher. These two little prongs here will actually fit any size cue. All you have to do is push down very lightly and twist the cue in the middle. This is going to burnish the sides of the tip and seal it so that you don't have any pieces that stick out, and it'll keep it from mushrooming. The other thing I like about this tool is that it has this pad on the back that functions as a tip tapper. All you have to do is use it like a paddle and just lightly tap the tip, and this will create pores that'll help the chalk stay in the tip and reduce miscues. Once you do that, it's ready for chalking.

One of the greatest things about this tool is that not only does it have a nickel-sized shaper, it has a dime-sized shaper. If you don't know what I'm talking about, a nickel-sized shaper is a shaper that gets the cue tip to the size of the side of a nickel. If you like a little bit more spin, you might want a dime-size. The dime-size is a little bit rounder, and it'll impart more spin on the ball. With this tool, you can choose either one. The pads inside are actually sandpaper, and they stick in. They can wear out, but they are replaceable.

To use the shaper, just lightly press it on the top of the tip and rotate the cue so that it evenly shapes it. Another good method is to put the tool on the floor in-between your feet. After that, you can just turn the cue over and drill the cue into the shaper to create a nice nickel or dime- sized radius. After that, you're ready to go.

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