With literally hundreds of cuemakers building pool cues of all prices and styles, it seems like every person you ask has a different opinion about which cuemaker is the most popular. To do so, we asked the following question:

"What brands of pool cues do you currently use?"

Because most pool players own multiple cues (the survey showed that 87% of those polled owned at least 2 pool cues), we allowed those surveyed to select as many as were applicable. McDermott topped the list with 25.98% of those polled stating that they owned a McDermott pool cue.

Top 10 Brands Based on Pool Cue Ownership

Brand Ownership
McDermott 25.98%
Cuetec 21.15%
Meucci 19.58%
Viking 18.41%
Players 16.97%
Predator 14.49%
Lucasi 12.92%
Action 11.10%
Joss 10.70%
Scorpion 9.66%

While three of the top five cues mentioned were domestic pool cues, it is worth noting that within the Top 10, half of the cue brands mentioned were imports, demonstrating an increase in acceptance of imported cues. Of the cues listed in the Top 10, eight are among the most searched pool cue brands on the web based on traffic estimates from Google, Yahoo and MSN for April 2007.

Search Term Volume
Predator Cues 5,156
McDermott Cues 4,876
Viking Cues 4,834
Scorpion Cues 4,155  
Joss Cues 3,150  
Cuetec Cues 2,457
Schon Cues 2,405
Lucasi Cues 2,016
Players Cues 1,579
Mezz Cues 966