It is rare in the billiards industry to find a product that actually gives the player a noticeable advantage when playing pool. Thanks to the folks over at Predator, there is a shaft made for pool cues that has been engineered to reduce cue ball deflection and increase accuracy.

First introduced back in 1994, the original Predator 314 shaft demonstrated an overall reduction in cue ball deflection of up to 28% over a standard hard rock maple shaft. Over the years, Predator has introduced the Predator Z Shaft and in late 2006, Predator rolled out their new 2nd Generation 314 and Z Shafts. The re-engineered 2nd generation shafts have been tested to now reduce deflection 35% and 51% for the new 314 and Z shafts respectively.

What does this mean to the pool player? Simply put, the 2nd Generation 314 and Z shafts make it easier to control the cue ball, which means it is easier to pocket balls using English.

Applying English to a cue ball is a vital part of the game of pool, but doing so can make it more difficult to maintain accuracy. When you hit a ball with English, cue ball deflection will push the cue ball off your line of aim. The engineering behind the 314 and Z shafts reduce the amount of deflection, thus increasing your overall accuracy.

One innovation in Predator is their unique 10 piece spliced shaft. This improves consistency up to 22% by eliminating grain directionality and a pure transfer of energy without the negative vibrations produced with a traditional shaft.

One of the questions that frequently comes up is "Do I really need a performance shaft like a Predator to improve my game?" This is a difficult question to answer, as the Predator shaft is not for everyone. At over $200, the shaft alone is more expensive than a large number of pool cues on the market today.

It is a serious tool for people who are serious about taking their game to the next level. That being said, there's a reason why more than 65% of the touring male pros use Predator shafts. Players like 2006 BCA/EnjoyPool 9 Ball Champions Ralf Souqet and Jasmin Ouschan are just two of a long and impressive list of pro players who swear by Predator products.

As part of our commitment to carrying the best in billiard supplies, PoolDawg is proud to offer 2nd Generation 314 and Z shafts from Predator as well as the entire Predator IKON series. If you're ready to take your game to places its never been, its time to consider Predator. 

There's a Predator shaft for almost every joint style, which means if you're in the market to upgrade your shaft, chances are we'll have a match for your cue. Plus, with every Predator product comes UPS ground shipping at no additional charge. As always, if you need help finding the right billiards products, just call us toll free at 866-843-3294 and one of our billiard specialists will help you out.