Hi, this is Jeanette Lee, the Black Widow. And when you're going through the basic fundamentals of pool the three main things that come up is your stance, your grip, and your bridge. So, let's start with stance. When I stand at a shot, I first make sure that I know my target, right? So when I look at my smallest possible target on this 2-ball, I lock my chin behind this cue ball on exactly where I want to hit the ball. And I just keep using my eyes to look between the cue, target, cue ball, target.

And once I lock my chin at this shot, my right toe should be on this shot line, okay? Assuming that I'm right handed. My left foot is going to casually take a walk diagonally forward, down on this shot, okay. So, again my left foot is gonna move forward diagonally.

When I get down on the shot, I want to make sure that I have clearance, balance, and alignment. So, here I am and I'm gonna make sure that, let's say alignment, that my head, my shoulder, my elbow, my wrist, my right toe are all in one line dead towards my target. Then, I want to make sure that I have some balance here, that I'm comfortable. I don't have too much weight going forward, I don't have too much weight going backward. I feel solid. And most important for some ladies or some heavier people, let's say, sometimes we have extra baggage that we have to clear out of the way. We need clearance. So, just want to make sure that you don't end up tugging on any extra material or body parts as you're stroking the cue. You want to make sure it's free.

Now, common mistake, in order to move, let's say I'm here, which usually means that your right foot is beyond the shot line instead of on the shot line. What a lot of people do is they move their right foot out of the way to make clearance. The problem is that it changes your alignment. And what we do is we end up pulling our elbow out or moving our hand out to compensate. You've gotta make sure that your right foot, elbow, shoulder, everything is on one plane, stays on the shot line. If you want more clearance, you move your left foot, more diagonally out, spread a little bit more room and now you've got more space and you're still, look, boom, deadly. Yeah, baby, like Jeanette Lee. Like the Black Widow.

All right, so you get my main points, right? You want to make sure that you have balance, alignment and clearance and you will have the perfect stance. Nice.