The act of reading is a very powerful thing, but unfortunately it is a method of learning that is falling by the way side. Your brain is a muscle, therefore exercising it will make it stronger and reading is the perfect workout! My success in pool and life is largely attributed to the books I’ve studied and the time I’ve dedicated to reading. The discipline it takes to focus on finishing and absorbing a book has also helped me with my concentration during long hours of practice and competition.

Personally I see tremendous value in a good hand held book. I encourage everyone to make a little time to read each day. Reading helps quiet your mind and relax your body. I believe there is a psychological benefit to turning the pages of a new book, but even if it’s on a nook, reading in general will make you stronger.

Here are 5 of my favorite books. The concepts in each book will help you perform more efficiently in life, as well on the table. These books may even change your life or help get your pool game to that next level. At the very least they will give you more knowledge. And what is knowledge? POWER!

This is the only book on my list technically about playing pool. There are many great books on pool, but this is my favorite. It focuses on the mental game and really helps with competitive concepts.

2. MIND GYM “An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence” By: Gary Mack
You do not have to be an athlete to appreciate the concepts in this book. It is an easy read and flows beautifully. With chapters like “Mental Toughness”, “Attitude is Everything” and “Fate Loves the Fearless” this book will help you in all walks of life and on the table.

3. CLEAN “Restore, Remove, Rejuvenate” By: Alejando Junger, M.D.
This book is guaranteed to change your life if you let it. After I completed the CLEAN program I started to play better pool, I felt better, I could accomplish more in a day and became more successful in every area of my life. CLEAN teaches you where the toxins are in your everyday life, it explains how to get them out of your body and then shows you how to restore your health.

4. Zen in the Martial Arts: By Joe Hyams
A short, concise and easy to read book that will make an impact even if you have no experience in the martial arts world. It holds chapters titled “Go with the Current”, “Confident Seeing”, and “The Power of Focus” that are sure to feed your life.

5. Inside Sport Psychology: By Costas I Karargeoghis & Peter C. Terry
This book is a little more on the technical side. It is perfect for those looking to perform and compete in a more efficient way. My favorite sections are about motivation, emotion and visualization when it comes to sports.

These are just some of my favorites, but I encourage you to check out all the great books that can be found on PoolDawg just click here. Start one, finish one and keep working out that brain!