We are delighted to introduce Venom Trickshot’s “Smoking Hot Tandem Pool Trick Shots”, featuring Florian “Venom” Kohler and Iana “Venomette” Kohler. In this high energy video, the famed billiard husband/wife duo team up to perform a variety of trick shots ranging from some of the classics to the new and cutting-edge extreme massés that Venom is known for. The shot execution and synchronization combined with a crazy fog machine and a colorful lighting effects makes this video visually stunning and captivating to behold!

This video also has Florian’s version of the trending “Bottle Cap Challenge” and a bonus “Venomette Minute” segment where you’ll learn how to perform a simple trick shot on your own to impress your friends. Be sure to stick around after the credits for the outtakes! This video is TONS OF FUN!

After watching this video, you might find yourself wanting to do some trick shots of your own. You’ll need a special cue to do some of those extreme shots and the Action Massé cue is perfect for the job! A “SMOKING DEAL” to go with this “Smoking Hot” video!

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