Known to many as the original game of Kings, Snooker is both challenging and rewarding, requiring a focus on both skill and strategy. While snooker has always been exceptionally popular in the United Kingdom, it has recently seen a recent surge in popularity in the states as well. As a result, we have expanded our snooker offering to include snooker cues from Riley, Elite and Scorpion as well as Snooker Ball Sets.

Known for their focus on high quality wood and tradition, Elite has developed a line of high quality, affordable snooker cues. Traditional in every way, Elite Snooker Cues feature solid ash shafts, traditional 58" length, 10mm tips and brass ferrules & joints. With prices ranging from $20 to $48, these cues are excellent for all levels of play.

Looking for the next level of snooker cues? Check out our snooker cues by Riley. As one of the best known snooker cue makers in the UK, Riley Cues have unparalleled experience in the engineering and performance of snooker cues. Riley cues feature 9.5mm Blue Diamond tips, precision engineered brass joints and ferrules and ash shafts with exquisitely designed butts.

Scorpion Cues and World Champion Johnny Archer have developed a special cue just for Snooker. Using the same technology built into the world famous Scorpion Pool Cues the Scorpion Snooker Cue features an ash shaft power bonded with fiberglass, a 10mm elk master tip, a brass ferrule and a gold trim ring.

In addition to cues, PoolDawg also carries snooker balls by Aramith and Action. Available in 2 1/16", 2/18" and 2 1/4" these traditional snooker ball sets are high quality and are suitable for all levels of play. Don't forget that every order going to the lower 48 United States is eligible for free shipping with an order over $99.00!

As always, if you have any questions or need help finding the right billiards products for you, give us a call at 866-843-3294 and one of our billiards specialists will help you out.