Interested in the McDermott Intimidator shafts? PoolDawg has the lowdown on the new Intimidator series, providing pool cues with a new level of performance.

3 Shafts Tuned to Your Game for the Ultimate in Power & Accuracy.

One cue, three shafts, three sets of shot conditions.
McDermott Intimidator i-Series Shaft System gives players the freedom to change power and spin-rate to maximize the speed and accuracy of shots in a way never before possible.

The patented Intimidator i-Series Shaft System has identified the variable characteristics required in your game (Power, Control, Feel), and utilizing our proprietary Intimidator Carbon Energy® (ICE) technology, designed the industry's most radial consistent shaft for varying skill levels, shot types, and table speeds.

What is radial consistency and why is it important?
Why do we have it and no one else does? All shafts deflect with the grain of the wood. To help counter this, other companies cut pie shapes, which does increase radial consistency. McDermott totally eliminated all natural inherent characteristics of wood with our carbon fiber shaft core. We are so confident of our radial consistency that we offer a Lifetime Warranty against warpage, a claim no other manufacturer is willing to make.

The fact is, one shaft does NOT fit all.
The i-Shaft is designed to fit you and your game and dispels the myth that one size fits all. We give you the choice to find one, or all three, that best suits needs. Your choice. Every other shaft on the market demands that you fit your game to the shaft. There are many factors that determine shot conditions, and at McDermott we have spent years of research and development perfecting the solution to this question:

How do I maintain complete control under any circumstance or situation?
The answer: Pre-programmed deflection reduction through a System of shafts.
The result: The i-Shaft Tuning System. The Best Shaft Technology Ever Launched in the Billiard Industry.

Break away from the pack and find out exactly how the Intimidator is becoming the rule.

Copy provided by McDermott Cues

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