What makes the Meucci Black Dot Shaft different from other shafts on the market? The primary difference is in the construction. Utilizing similar technology to the Predator shaft, the Meucci Black Dot Shaft is made with 35 flat Northern Hard Rock Maple laminations to give pool players reduced deflection.

Unlike the Predator "pie" structure, the black dot shaft Meucci stacks the 35 layers as you can see in the image. The black dot on the shaft marks the area where there is less than 2% spine differential for those who can detect the slight nuances this may cause. The result is a shaft with less deflection. In fact, Meucci states that black dot shafts "out perform all other competitors' shafts by a minimum margin of 50% less deflection, with increased power as a bonus." All Meucci pool cues sold at PoolDawg features the black dot shaft.

The focus of the Meucci cue is to offer the player more power with less effort. Some additional selling points for Meucci cues include:

* Unique joint and ferrule design allowing maximum performance with minimum effort
* High quality woods and materials
* Amplification of stroke with the unique butt splice design
* Full year guarantee against manufacturing defects and material flaws.
* Unmistakably distinct in design.
* One of the most recognized name in the billiards industry.

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