Ask The Master - “I have issues hitting the ball correctly. Do my eyes look at the cue ball or the ball being hit at time of stroking (impact) the shot in play.”

What should we be doing with our eyes as we shoot?

The generally accepted wisdom here is that we should be looking at the object ball or rail target as we strike the CB. The exceptions are elevated shots and break shots, where you might benefit from looking at the CB last. Our bodies get pretty good at delivering to the target we focus on. If we're focused on the CB, where is the target? If we're focused on the CB, we may try to steer the cue as we hit. Much better to line up properly and stroke dead straight. If we're focused on the CB, we may tend to poke rather than stroke.

What should we be looking at as we set up for the shot?

Get your eyes on the shot line while standing. Keep your eyes sharp on the OB or cushion target as you drop into your stance and shooting position. As your bridge hand approaches the table, start sighting back & forth between CB & OB. This idea of lining up to the more distant target (not the CB) will help you land more accurately.

There are several ways to move your eyes during stroking. What we don't want to do is "ping-pong" our eyes rapidly back & forth between CB & OB. Slow down. See what you're seeing. In all cases, our eyes should be sharp down the target line before and during the hit stroke.

When you feel you are ready to shoot, bring your tip to a full stop at the back of the CB and look at it. For this tip position on the CB, for where your stick is pointed, and for the speed you have in mind, is it gonna work? If so, take the shot. If not, back away and land it again.