Are you one of the majority of pool players that has strong feelings about using premium pool chalk that can cost over $25 per cube? Do you think it’s worth it and players who aren’t using the likes of Kamui chalk are missing out? Or are you one of the old school “chalk is chalk” shooters that says those people are crazy? Maybe you fall somewhere in between with the Blue Diamond or Predator chalk.

For the second video in our Slow Motion Billiards Series, we captured a few of those top pool chalks at an INSANE 6,000 frames per second to show you their differences in retention and transfer. See for yourself how the new Kamui ROKU stacks up to its siblings (the .98 and 1.21) and some of the other performance chalk options.

It’s fascinating to finally see how the chalk reacts when striking the cue ball; a phenomenon we wouldn’t normally be able to see when playing a game of pool.


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