Looking to take your game to the next level? If so, you know that deflection is the key. Less deflection means greater cue ball control and more accuracy. PoolDawg carries a number of high performance shafts that increase accuracy and reduce cue ball deflection, giving you the competitive edge you need to take down your opponent.

We carry a large selection of the best low deflection shafts on the market, both new and Certified Pre-Owned. Despite how great the choice may be, sheer volume like that can be overwhelming, but we have a handy go-to list for you down below of the top five performers in this class!

#1.)  Predator Z Shaft 3rd Generation

With the new Predator 3rd generation Z shafts, it's even easier to pocket balls using English. You'll notice increased reduction in cue ball deflection and a slightly lighter ferrule than the 2nd generation shafts for enhanced performance.

#2.) Katana Low Deflection Shaft

The Katana shaft is taking the performance shaft market by storm, drastically reducing cue ball deflection while increasing overall playability. Every Katana shaft is constructed with 10 pieces of radial lamination, a shorter 3/8" ferrule and the new 12.5mm Katana Tip by Tiger.

#3.) Predator 314 Shaft 3rd Generation

With even further reduced deflection over the 2nd Generation shafts, the new 314 shafts by Predator are forces of nature unto themselves! Prepare to have your game changed forever.

#4.) Summit "Pro-LD" 11.5mm Low Deflection Shaft

The Summit Pro-LD 11.5mm Low Deflection shaft offers MAXIMUM spin with Peak performance at Base prices. If you're looking to get a small diameter tipped shaft for your current pool cue to really work the cue ball around the table you won't be able to find a better VALUE than one of these shafts.

#5.) Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flexpoint Shaft

Made by the same folks that developed the popular Lucasi cue line, the zero flex shaft is 12.75mm in diamater and features a Kamui tip.  This shaft utilizes an upgraded ferrule and radial construction to deliver a great hit.

...and of course, if you have any questions about these wonderful shafts, or about any of our other products of course, don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-843-3294!