Top 5 Performance Shafts for Pool Cues

Posted by : PoolDawg Staff

Looking to take your game to the next level. If so, you know that deflection is the key. Less deflection means greater cue ball control and more accuracy. PoolDawg carries a number of high performance shafts that increase accuracy and reduce cue ball deflection, giving you the competitive edge you need to take down your opponent.

#1. Predator Z Shaft Second Generation
Featuring a shorter ferrule, a straight "European" taper and a smaller 11.75mm tip, the Predator Z shaft takes accuracy to a higher level then even the 314 shaft. Due to the smaller size of the tip, this shaft is recommended only for the highest level of pool player.

#2 Katana Low Deflection Shaft
A new entry into the low deflection shaft world, the Katana shaft has become increasingly popular due to its performance and price point. The Katana features an extra long taper, giving it a performance point that is completely unique.

#3. Predator 314 Shaft Second Generation
With the new Predator 2nd generation shafts, you'll notice increased reduction in cueball deflection, a slightly shorter ferrule, joint inserts mounted in a phenolic core an improved tip and an overall improvement in playability over the 1st generation Predator shafts.

#4 OB-2 Low Deflection Shaft
Similar to the Predator Z shaft, the OB2 shaft is 11.75mm in diameter.  OB has worked to lighten the top of the shaft by incorporating a foam core and a wood ferrule, giving it deflection reducing performance that rivals any other performance shaft on the market.

#5 Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flex Shaft
Made by the same folks that developed the popular Lucasi cue line, the zero flex shaft is 12.75mm in diamater and features a Moori tip.  This shaft utilizes an upgraded ferrule and radial construction to deliver a great hit.