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Hanging with Rack Star Borana Andoni and Bad Juju

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In my second stop on the Rack Starz tour, I got to hang with my pal Borana Andoni.  As some of you know, this isn't the first time I've spent some time with Borana.  We got to know each other back in November 2010 during the WPBA Amateur Nationals, which, thanks to a pillow fight with Borana, Samm and Gail was quite a memorable night. Borana decided to do the write up on our Christmas adventures, so without further delay, I present Rack Starz Tour Stop #2: Frank the PoolDawg spent one whole week with me over the Christmas Holiday. He got to see my everyday, normal life which includes a lot of pool playing and eating! It all started on Thursday's team 9-ball league at Amsterdam Billiards. First, I met up with Frank and then we went to meet with the rest of the team named “Bad Juju”. My team is in 1st place in our division and start payoffs next week. This Thursday I didn’t get to play but I sat down with Frank and watched the rest of the team. The team is a very mixed team in terms playing level starting with the lowest handicap of D all the way up to Pro.

Having a diverse mix of players is what makes a killer team so that way the team can always make the right match ups. After the team was done playing, I got to hit some balls with Frank watching my skills smile

On Christmas day, team “Bad Juju” decided to have a holiday dinner at Caroline Pao’s house.

If the team is not playing pool, then we are eating..... a lot. This time it was Linda and Jay who cooked some delicious cheese bread, shepherd’s pie, Greek salad and mac & cheese.

Then we ended it with Caroline’s salivating home made cheese cake! God did Frank like that cheese cake!!!! The next day I had to get back to practice and burn off all that food that I ate over Christmas. I started the day with going to the gym and doing 30 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of weight machines and 10 minutes of sit ups.

That is my usual routine. In order for me to maintain my stamina playing in 12 hour a day tournaments, I have to stay in strong physical shape. Exercising will not only improve physical strength, but will also improve the ability for the brain to focus for a longer time. Tuesday morning I had to go back to my 9-5 job and say goodbye to Frank. Thank you Frank for visiting me and spending 2011 Christmas with me! Until next time...