10 Resolutions to Improve Your Pool Game

Posted by : Samm Diep

Take this opportunity to give yourself the gift of pool. It’s that time again, when everyone likes to set resolutions for the New Year. Studies show that at least 90 percent of these resolutions will not be kept. Many goals are unrealistic. Unattainable resolutions can be very discouraging. Sometimes it’s a good idea to throw in a couple no-brainers, just so you have something to cross off your list. Build your confidence a little bit.

Here is a list of some reasonable goals to set for your upcoming pool season. Remember, these resolutions are for 2011. Commit to following through with as many of these as possible. Who knows? Some of them may just stick.

Are you ready to become a better player? If the answer is yes, then read each resolution aloud and repeat them as needed.

10 Simple Pool Year Resolutions for 2011:

1. No more excuses. I resolve to accepting responsibility for my misses and losses. No longer will I blame the equipment, my opponent, or my surroundings for my errors at the table. If I was distracted, I will remember to stand up next time and start the shot over. If the table rolls to the left, then I will remember that the next time I shoot in that direction. From now on, when I lose a match, it will be because my opponent outplayed me or because I played poorly, NOT because of anything else outside of my control.

2. Take a pool lesson. I will take at least one pool lesson this year from a recommended instructor. Regardless of my skill level, there is always something I can learn from the right teacher. Lessons will prove to be an invaluable part of my overall pool journey.

3. Introduce a new friend to pool. I vow to bring at least one new friend to my favorite watering hole this year and introduce him/her to the game. This will be someone that either has never played before or has never been to my pool room. I might recruit them to play on my league team or just have a casual night of pool and fun.

4. Invest in an instructional book or video. I will purchase at least one book or DVD this year toward my billiard education. Not only will I make the purchase but I will complete the book or study the video and apply as much as I can to my current pool game.

5. Enter new competitions. I will compete in at least one new pool league or tournament before the new year is over. This should be an event that I have never been to or competed in before. I will step outside my comfort zone and venture into new territory because I know it will only make me a stronger player.

6. Practice more, play around less. I promise to devote more of my time at the table to dedicated practice and less to casual games with friends. Though it’s fun to bang balls around with my teammates, I plan to maximize my time at the table with quality, not quantity. I will set up shots and work on specific drills. Only after I get some solid practice in will I play games with my friends.

7. Be more patient. I want to win more games in 2011 and I understand that one big step is to be more patient at the table. I will choose defensive shots over the low percentage offensive shot. I will shoot as many safeties as it takes to win me the game. I will play smarter and I will not rush my decisions or my execution.

8. Keep my cool. I will always do my best to maintain my composure during a game. I will face whatever shot my opponent leaves me and you will never catch me cursing or slamming my cue on the ground from anger. The only way I can make the best decision is with a clear head and that is impossible if I let my frustration get the best of me.

9. Play better position with the cue ball. From now on, I will make a concerted effort to be more specific with my cue ball position. Rather than playing to a general area on the table, I am setting a higher standard for myself by choosing a pinpoint position and doing my best to get the cue ball there for the next shot.

10. Be a better winner and loser. I resolve to always practice good sportsmanship at all times. I will always shake my opponent’s hand after a match whether I win or lose. I will not gloat when I win and I will not whine when I lose. I will always give my opponents the respect I expect from them as my integrity means more to me than winning or losing a game of 8-ball.

Add your own resolutions and have some fun with this list. Print it off and keep it in your pool case with you so you can check each one off as you complete it. Have a safe and fun holiday and we’ll see you next year!

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