Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
It’s that time of year again… BLACK FRIDAY WEEK! Traditionally this week kicks off the start of the holiday shopping season but the game has changed in 2021. People have started their shopping early and for good reason. There’s never been a better time to get your Pool Cue shopping done early as global supply chain disruptions have led to inventory issues at a time when billiards is making a huge comeback in popularity. The result is that it’s going to get harder and harder to find the…
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Pool Video of the Week - Venom Masse Shots

This week's video is of the trick shot variety.  Whether or not you enjoy trick shots, you have to admit that this guy's got some pretty mad skills on the table. He's done dozens of these videos over the years, so if you like 'em, just search "venom trick shots" on Youtube and you'll have hours of trick shots.  Or better yet, buy the Venom Trick Shots DVD from your pals at PoolDawg (self serving, I know, but I can't help myself).  Enjoy.

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Pool Video of the Week - Ludacris vs. Olga Gashkova

This week's installment features rapper/actor/EGOT candidate Chris "Ludacris" Bridges challenging Rack Starz member Olga Gashkova to a game of 9 ball.  This video was originally featured in April 2010 on MTV's "Sucker Free Countdown".  Enjoy.   Get More: Ludacris, Sucker Free, Full Episodes

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Pool Video of the Week - The Dawgshot

Since everyone on Facebook seemed to enjoy the Joe Rogan/Earl Strickland video so much, I've decided to do a video of the week thing.  Some will be funny, some will be amazing shots or trick shots, some will feature pool in the mainstream, but all will be about pool and billiards. To start out, we'll be completely self-serving.  Here's trick shot master Dr. Cue Tom Rossman doing a trick shot with an assist from our brave and loyal mascot, Frank T. Dawg.  Enjoy.

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