Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
It’s that time of year again…BLACK FRIDAY DEALS TIME! In honor of this glorious time of savings we have been working hard behind the scenes to rustle up some great deals for y’all with new ones kicking off every day and running through the weekend! Be sure to check back early and often each day this week for the new special and, if you see something that you like, jump on it so you don’t miss out (especially on Friday…😉)! The hottest items are going to go fast! Day One Deal:…
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CONTEST: Guess how fast the cue ball is spinning!

You’ve seen Florian “Venom” Kohler perform his world-famous trick shots, but you’ve never seen them like this before! These Amazing SLOW MOTION Billiard Shots are legendary and we can’t wait to release the full, NEW video this Thursday (October 18th)! Because we are so excited about it, we are giving you all a sneak peek of one of the shots and running a cool little contest with a prize for the winner. UPDATE! Congrats to Christopher Lund for guessing the exact…

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Dark Magic - Venom Trickshots IV: Episode 1

Prepare to be amazed as Florian “Venom” Kohler uses phenomenal skill and unprecedented technical precision to perform revolutionary pool trick shot magic. These shots seem impossible, but not to Florian. Don’t blink! You have to see it to believe it. PoolDawg and Florian have had an ongoing partnership for over a year now and we’re always excited to show his fans new material! Florian is an 8-time World Artistic Pool Discipline Champion, a 6-time Guinness Book World…

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The Greatest Pool Shot Ever?

On June 11th 1995, Efren Reyes was in a race to 13 with Earl Strickland.  With the two tied at 12-12 (or "hill hill" for those who prefer the pool lingo), Reyes made one of the most amazing shots of all time (go to about 1:10 in the video to see the shot). What is interesting about this video is that the shot prior to "the shot" was a pretty significant mistake (something that Reyes rarely makes).  He goes for the safety, but in the process he accidentally sinks what appears to be the…

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Frank Isn’t The Only PoolDawg…

Frank may get a lot of play here at PoolDawg, but he isn't the only one who plays pool.  First there was Halo, the pool playing dog, who's owner was nice enough to send us a seriously sweet video.  Now we have Amadeus, a pint sized pool player in the form of a chihuahua.     Amadeus managed to find his way on to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno a few years back.  Here he is hanging with Jay and Katherine Keigl.     Do you know of other pool playing dogs?…

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Clemson Football vs Loree Jon Hasson FTW!

Now let me preface this post by saying that there's a huge West Coast bias here at PoolDawg since I grew up in SoCal with the Bruins and Trojans (and I went to school at CU Boulder), so writing nice things about the ACC always hurts a bit (although not nearly as much as when I have to say nice things about the SEC).  When I caught this video of the Clemson football team playing pool with BCA and WPBA Hall of Famer Loree Jon Hasson though, well lets just say I have a new found affection…

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Pool Video of the Week - Liz Ford Time Warp

Yep, that's our very own writer and long time friend of PoolDawg on the TV.  I've tried to convince Liz to do the actual Time Warp and post it on Youtube, but she simply refuses to make that jump to the left or that step to the right.  She did however work with the guys at Discovery Channel to show some of the physics of pool on their show "Time Warp."  Enjoy and don't forget that you can read tons of free articles from Liz Ford over on PoolDawg.

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