Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
It’s that time of year again… BLACK FRIDAY WEEK! Traditionally this week kicks off the start of the holiday shopping season but the game has changed in 2021. People have started their shopping early and for good reason. There’s never been a better time to get your Pool Cue shopping done early as global supply chain disruptions have led to inventory issues at a time when billiards is making a huge comeback in popularity. The result is that it’s going to get harder and harder to find the…
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Sarah Rousey at the US Open 9 Ball Championships

As many of you know, the US Open 9 Ball Championships started allowing women to play this year.  Once I heard the news, I immediately called our player rep Sarah Rousey to see if she wanted to play (which of course she did).  Well, the US Open is going on now and Sarah was featured in her third round match against Chris Bartram. Prior to her match, she was interviewed by another friend of the Dawg, Samm Diep:Unfortunately, Sarah ran into a bit of a buzzsaw.  She and Bartram were…

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WPBA and the US Open

Typically I use this blog to let everyone know about what's going on in the world of PoolDawg.  Every once in a while though, I feel the need to comment on industry items.  After seeing this press release discussing WPBA players playing in the US Open, I felt that a comment was necessary. There was a press release that came out the other day discussing women playing in the US Open which I honestly found quite disconcerting.  Typically I don't comment on such things, but…

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