Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
It’s that time of year again…BLACK FRIDAY DEALS TIME! In honor of this glorious time of savings we have been working hard behind the scenes to rustle up some great deals for y’all with new ones kicking off every day and running through the weekend! Be sure to check back early and often each day this week for the new special and, if you see something that you like, jump on it so you don’t miss out (especially on Friday…😉)! The hottest items are going to go fast! Day One Deal:…
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PoolDawg’s Advanced Instructional Series – Starring Florian “Venom” Kohler

If we know anything about pool players, it’s that they LOVE to learn everything they can about billiards and how to improve their game! Other things they love: winning, free stuff, and Florian “Venom” Kohler! If you agree with this list, then brace yourself for some AWESOME news! We’re about to launch a brand new series of ADVANCED instructional training videos starring the phenom behind the most incredibly-insane trickshot videos of all time, billiard superstar, Florian “Venom”…

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Florian “Venom” Kohler and PoolDawg Announce Partnership

Big news everyone! PoolDawg is thrilled to announce a partnership with World Champion Trick Shot Artist Florian “Venom” Kohler! We are so excited to work with such a talented member of the international billiards community. For those who don’t know, Florian is an 8-time World Artistic Pool Discipline Champion, a 6-time Guinness Book World Record Holder, and Venom Trickshots has over 600,000,000 views on YouTube! He started playing pool as a teenager, and quickly turned into…

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Ask the Master - Submit Questions to a Professional Billiards Instructor

At, we are all about helping out pool players. Whether it is finding the right equipment or providing instruction on how to improve your game, we've got your back! Billiards is an extremely technical sport that requires a combination of physical and mental skills to play properly. If there is any part of your game that you are having trouble with, the best way to correct it is to get advice from an expert. That's why we recruited PBIA Master…

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Pool School: The Best Way To Improve Your Game

The game of pool is A LOT more complicated than most people think!  Even seasoned pool players may not realize how things really work on the table but if the ball goes in the hole, who cares right? Well, I can make some really difficult shots and even run out a rack from time to time but then again I also miss easy shots, long straight shots or do stupid things that will cause me to lose a game and not completely know why.  When bad things happened I usually just chalked it up to a…

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PoolDawg’s Newest Columnists - Liz Ford and Samm Diep

In an effort to bring more education and information to the PoolDawg website, we've added not one, but two new featured columnists - WPBA touring pro Liz Ford and pool player/instructor/writer/entrpenuer Samm Diep.  Most of you already know Samm, since she's become an honorary member of our staff, complete with her own South Park character and bio on the staff page.  Plus, she's in all those "what's in the case" videos that are all over YouTube, knows just about…

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