Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
Black Friday Week Specials… New Deals Daily!
It’s that time of year again…BLACK FRIDAY DEALS TIME! In honor of this glorious time of savings we have been working hard behind the scenes to rustle up some great deals for y’all with new ones kicking off every day and running through the weekend! Be sure to check back early and often each day this week for the new special and, if you see something that you like, jump on it so you don’t miss out (especially on Friday…😉)! The hottest items are going to go fast! Day One Deal:…
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Frank T. Dawg Invades Iceland

I just got back from Reykjavik.  What a crazy cool city!  You guys probably thought I was kidding about the whole Iceland thing, but really that was just the first stop on a whirlwind 2015 world tour for your pal Frank T. Dawg. As always, when I get to a new place, the first thing I do is hit the grocery store for some food.  I gotta say, I was a bit concerned when I looked at the shelf and saw this: Anything with a name as close to Soylent Green as this stuff is something…

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On The Road Again with Frank T. Dawg

It's been quite some time since I hit the road, but that's all about to change.   As our most loyal PoolDawgians know, several years back I traveled all around the United States, visiting pool halls, hanging with pro players and having a good time.  If you haven't partied down with pool players, all I can say is that you're missing out.  The ladies of The WPBA treated me so well.  They took me out all the time, they bought me drinks, got me on the dance…

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Becoming Frank

We've been asked many, many times why we don't sell Frank.  There are a few reasons for this, but the primary one is that making Frank is somewhat of a long and difficult process.  That and we don't really have the space to store 500 mass produced Franks (which would be the only way to produce him and keep costs down). In order for Frank to come alive (so to speak, as he is, after all, a statue), he has to go through a few steps. It all starts with the mold.  Since we…

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Tebowmania Hits PoolDawg’s World Headquarters

I've been dreading this day ever since the start of the football season.  I knew it was coming, but I still hoped it would never arrive.  After yesterday's Broncos/Jets game though, Tebowmania has taken over. See, the PoolDawg offices are really just a microcosm of the world.  Within the office there are those who love Tim Tebow and those who can't stand his game.  On one side, we have Alexis and Mariya, both donning their beloved #15 jerseys. Then there's…

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