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Want to Win $100 Gift Card? Tell PoolDawg what you think!

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We're always looking for new ways to get feedback and to improve our website. Reviews from our customers and fellow billiard enthusiasts are, hands down, the best way for us to do that AND at the same time provide AWESOME information to other players on our thousands of products. Product reviews, whether good or bad, coming from the people who use them are particular helpful to make the decision making process easier for others pool players interested in buying new supplies.

We REALLY value your input and so do other pool players and that’s why we are happy to run a monthly “contest” for a $100 Gift Certificate to encourage participation! Here is the deal:

  • Anybody who leaves a product review on our website gets entered into the contest. Every month we’ll randomly select one review to receive the prize. It's that easy!
  • Every product review that gets posted (no profanity or unhelpful responses) counts as a new entry so the more reviews that you post, the greater the chances are that you'll win the prize. So be sure to let us know about the pros and cons of all of your favorite billiard products. If you've used a product you don't like, let us know why! Any review that is helpful, positive or negative, counts.
  • Plus, share your review on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you'll receive a coupon code for 5% off your next purchase.

*Please note that we do not include “Site Reviews” for this contest because we want those to be completely unbiased! We REALLY do appreciate those reviews and comments as well though! If you had a good experience with our site or our staff you can let others know about it here: https://www.pooldawg.com/reviews.

Today is our first drawing! So congratulations to... Patrick C. who purchased the Eight Ball Mafia EBM17 Pool Cue.  Look for that $100 Gift Certificate in your mail box!