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Frank Loves Bacon!

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I'm just gonna say it - Frank has an unnatural love for bacon.  We're not talking about just chowing down on some bacon flavored begging strips mind you.  Sometimes we think that Frank is actually in love with bacon.  Needless to say, when we got a copy of the Think Geek catalog and saw that they sell a giant plush bacon that shouts "I'm Bacon!" when you push a button, we had to get it. Keven placed the order and within 3-5 business days, we received our very own stuffed bacon.  When you push his button to make him speak, his lips even move!  How cool is that! frankwithbacon1sm Now we were excited, but not nearly as excited as Frank was.  Frank was really excited.  Embarrassingly excited.  In fact, let me apologize to anyone who is offended by Frank's level of excitement in advance. frankwithbacon2sm Hopefully Frank will be able to find a way to control himself, or else we'll have to find a new home for our delicious new friend.