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Frank and Smiley In The City

Category: Frank T. Dawg

After hanging out with Emily, it was time to meet up with Yomaylin "Smiley" Feliz.  Knowing that her favorite spot was 42nd and Broadway in Times Square, I knew I'd be in for a good time.  Since Yomaylin rocked the camera so hard, I figured I'd let her tell the tale:

I first met Frank at Amsterdam Billiards and he got very cozy very quickly with a glass of my favorite drink Glenlivet and my cue by his side, ready for a good evening. Frank's first night with me was at the world famous Amsterdam Billiards Club.  For some reason, Frank became completely obsessed with my hat. You can't roll in the NYC without some sweet shades, so we made sure Frank got the hookup. After a busy night on the town, it was time to hop the J Train back to Brooklyn with my guy Shonell Cuevas: The next night I took Frank to go see a movie.  We went to see “Chronicle,” a movie about kids with super powers from an alien object.  After the movie Frank and I stopped by this restaurant for some take out, because for some reason the movie left us very hungry. After we got back, Frank convinced me to start playing with the Instagram app on my iPhone.  All that pouting from Frank made me start pouting. Frank said he was going to drop Le Tigre, Blue Steel, Ferrari and Magnum on me for our next set of poses.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that they all looked the same... The next night was all about leagues and playing some 9 ball. I introduced him to my captain William Fuentes and our opponent's captain, Michelle Li.  Both seemed to be quite impressed with Frank's assets.  I'm pretty sure I heard Frank say "um, my eyes are up here" to them several times. The next morning we stopped off at Starbucks for some coffee. I went with Frank and we got a delicious Caramel Machiatto. The whole time we were there, Frank couldn't stop hounding Gretchen, his favorite barista. I remember how Frank flexed and did his best rendition of the gun show when I took the picture. My week with Frank was way too short.  Cruising around my town with PoolDawg's mascot was a blast!