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Another Visit From Oscar For Frank

Category: Frank T. Dawg

With my travel schedule done for the year, most of what I have to look forward to nowadays is visits from other dogs.  Mike and Keven are too busy getting ready for the holiday season to do anything fun, so my life is pretty much just hanging out at the PoolDawg HQ. Today though,  Mike was nice enough to bring his puppy Oscar in for another visit today.  Apparently St. Bernards grow a bit faster than bulldogs because Oscar is huge! When I first met him back in July, he was just a little bit bigger than me:

I guess a few months make a big difference, because, well, damn!

I can't even begin to think about how big he's going to be after the holidays.  Fortunately, he's one of those "gentile giant" types, as he's always very careful not to knock me down or swallow me whole.