Apr 21, 2010 By PoolDawg Staff 0 Comment(s)

New Swag for BCA Nationals

Category: APA

If you've been to our booth at one of the big billiards events, you know we love to give away freebies (henceforth referred to as "swag").  Catalogs, stickers, keychains and of course our popular PoolDawg Master Chalk.  For next month's BCA Nationals and for August's APA Nationals though, we'll be adding to our repitoire of swag (please excuse the awful picture.  I can't take photos and only have a garbage camera phone to work with): Now before you say that we're promoting smoking, keep in mind that matchbooks are excellent for a number of uses.  They light candles, they are more efficient than rubbing sticks together when making a campfire and of course, they make bathrooms less stinky. So, if you're going to be at nationals next month, stop by and pick up a book of matches.  For anyone flying, don't worry, they're now TSA compliant assuming of course you only bring one book of matches with you in your carry-on.