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The Great Tip Density Experiment

Category: Pool Cue Tips

Today's the day!  We just got our fancy new durometer in the mail, so let the cue tip testing begin! What is a durometer you ask?  Simply put, a durometer is a tool that allows you to check the density or hardness of material.  For the purpose of these experiments, we'll be using the Shore A chart, which is most common for softer materials and soft plastics, with a scale rating of 0-100.  To give you a point of comparison, here are some measurements for common household items:

Material Density
Rubber Band 25
Door Seal 55
Automotive Tire Tread 70
Soft Skateboard Wheel 75
Hard Skateboard Wheel 98

Because there will naturally be some variance in density from tip to tip (as not all leather, pig skin, etc. is uniform), we'll be testing three tips and then taking the average of the three to get our final density measurement.  What makes it tricky is that there are 12 different Shore scales, so it is necessary to make sure you're using the most appropriate scale for the material you're measuring.  Based on everything I've read, Shore A seems to make the most sense. I'm off to play mad scientist.  My buddy Steve Spangler would be proud.