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Ask PoolDawg: How We Pick New Products

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A couple weeks ago I asked for some suggestions on blog topics. One person responded (thank you Poolriah!) asking me to talk about how we go about picking new products to add for our website. Since he was nice enough to ask, I'm more than happy to share. Step 1: Let us know that you have new products coming out Since there's really only one B to B industry show and we rarely attend it, finding new products is always challenging. Most of the time, we get calls, catalogs, emails, etc from manufacturers and distributors letting us know that new product is coming. Step 2: Provide us with free samples Nothing makes it easier to decide whether or not to carry something than a sample of the product. If we get samples, we can pass it around the office and get opinions on it. Pictures in catalogs or on websites are fine for pool cues, but if it's a new tool, we're going to need to try it out ourselves. Step 3: Show us you're supporting your product If I'm going to pick up a product, I want to know that the manufacturer is out there drumming up interest for it (especially if we're warehousing the item). Products don't sell themselves and when you consider the fact that it will be on the virtual shelf with 3,000 other items, if people don't know about the product, they're not likely to buy it. Step 4: Keep it in stock There's nothing worse than a product that's perpetually out of stock. Some might tell you that it creates pent of demand for the product, but the reality is it just irritates customers and makes us look bad. When there's something a customer wants and we don't have it in stock, we get the brunt of the anger even though we have no control over the manufacturing process. If we can't get a consistent flow of product, I don't want to carry it. Got other questions?  Just ask and I'll see what I can do to shine a light!